Use MCET Tech to monitor outpatient rehabilitation

There are at least 345K Achilles heel injuries,  1M+ ankle injuries- of which 85% are sprains, and between 100-200K ACL injuries and/or replacements every year. In each of these recoveries, medical professionals have only a limited window to monitor patient progress based on one visit per week at best. No cost-effective method available to explain difference b/t “actual” movement limitations as specified by patient (outside clinic, or dynamic) and measurements you have taken at the clinic (static).  

Until now.  MCET carbon nanotube (CNT) monitoring technology can specifically track your patient's progress when they are not in the clinic:

  • Measurement in Motion– our technology can monitor recovery when patient is outside the clinic in “real time”
  • MCET technology can assist with reference to “relevant” range of motion (i.e. movement that applies to the limitation, such as “jogging” vs “sitting” position
  • Because technology is “continuous monitoring,” can also provide database for “% of successful attempts
  • MCET tech can also alert when dynamic “problems” may occur such as over-extensions or abuses, such as neglect of recommended exercises may occur on a “real time” basis
  • MCET continuous tracking can be used in a database management tool for insurance/recovery purposes



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