Track weight-bearing loads outside of the clinic

There are about 345,000 Achilles Heel and over 1M ankle injuries every year.  In many of these injuries, a brace is fitted on the patient with instructions to "self monitor" the weight that they put on that joint- the "toe touch weight bearing."  Patients are often confused about "% of weight" to keep off their ankle, and there is no way for the medical professional to monitor these recommendations and inform the patient if he or she is properly adhering to these instructions. 

MCET technology can do this and both alert the patient and the medical professional if the instructions are being followed properly.

  • The MCET technology is simple, non-invasive, and cost effective 
  • Our technology can provide “red yellow green” alert concept that can alert both patient and medical professional when out of clinic
  • Our technology can monitor based on “recommended load bearing” on joint when patient is walking- outside of the clinic
  • Because our technology is “continuous monitoring,” can also provide database for “% of successful attempts” that can be both used for faster recovery and insurance documentation
  • We can also provide historical database information for insurance or recovery track purposes

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